how to send form data to opentracker and shown in ot4 report

Very often we asked ourselves questions about users who signup for our service. Typical questions such as:
* who actually sign up?
* how many users sign up during that window hours?
* which country has the most sign up?
* I have limited budget, which role of users is most likely paid for my service should I contact them?
Answer these questions, it will increase chances of success of a campaign that we held, and if focus and target specific user role, we will have higher chance of success to convert user to a paid client. A tool that allow us to better understand what have we done right and what can we improve upon for each of our campaign will increase our confidence and competitiveness in this challenging market.
In this tutorial, I will guide you with an example how to do just that. If you have not signup for Opentracker web analytics service, you should do so now before proceed this tutorial.
Given a classic html form, such as the following 

The fields are name of the user who signup, role of the signup person, email contact and etc.
Once a user signup, a few parameters will be send to opentracker eventengine for data storage and data analytics. Note on the red rectangle

Now you should login to Opentracker ot4 reporting interface, you are presented a dashboard of overview of activities of your website.

Notice red rectangle with label A, this is the signup that happened moment ago, when I did the signup. For red rectangle with label B, we noticed that there are 137 signup in the last 15 days! How easy information is presented in a convenient way so you can focus how to improve your marketing campaign whilst leave the technical analysis for Opentracker.
If you click on the puppet icon in green/brown or red color, you should be able to see how the user end up signing your service. 

In the above screenshot, we noticed that the user who fill up the form just now, the fields are populated in this one view known as visitor clickstream. This is a powerful user overview!
In case you asked, I want to filter user who sign up for my service but only for role owner. Yes, you can do that with Opentracker reporting tool. You will just need to click on the pie chart on the field you want to focus and the remaining information presented updated altogether. How convenient is that!

Opentracker provide services such as store data, run data analytics in real time and presented these information in a useful, intuitive and convenient way. You focus on your marketing and sales campaign to hit marketing and sales goals, whilst Opentracker provide data analytics to assist in every possible ways.

To test your understanding, try to populate user first name and user last name in Opentracker reporting interface. If you have better idea to improve or share, we would love to hear from you!