Opentracker with weebly

Getting started with weebly:

You will first need to start an opentracker trail at:

Once you have signed up, you will get an email with your script, you will also have this script shown in the interface when logged in. Copy the tracking code.

Log into your Weebly Admin Dashboard.

From the top navigation bar click  Settings.

From the left Panel click on  SEO.

Paste the Opentracker Tracking Code.

The Opentracker Tracking Code (including the <script> tags) should go in the  Header Code text area, making sure you don't replace or remove any other code you already have there.

Click  Save.

Publish your site.

Your Opentracker Tracking Code is now installed.

Once you have added the Opentracker Tracking Code to your site, you will need to wait a few minutes for Opentracker to check if it is installed correctly. This usually happens the moment your site is loaded with the Opentracker Tracking Code on it - you can visit the page yourself to speed the process up. Once Opentracker has detected the Tracking Code on your site, the Site Dashboard will show a visitor visiting your site.

Keep Tracking Code in mind when making design changes

If after you install the Tracking Code, your website undergoes a major design change check to ensure your Tracking Code is still installed.