Opentracker with Google Tag Manager

Steps to use Google Tag Manager

1) Make sure you installed Google Tag Manager on your site. Then proceed to check:

i) You should have a Google Tag Manager ID. If you don't already have one, go to create one. Choose the tag manager id for your site.

ii) Click on add new tag, give the new tag a name and click on the Community Template Gallery.

iii) Search for the OpentrackerGrowthTag by typing in opentracker. 

Note : All scripts are added to website with a warning. You can ignore the warning and continue to add.

iv) In Tag configuration, add the site i.e, the site registered at Opentracker. For example: 

v) For triggering choose All pages. 

vi) Click on Save on the top left to save the Tag Configuration. 

You will be taken back to Google Tag Managers Home Page with the changes being made. Click on "submit" on the top left to complete the process of adding the Tag.

vii) When you click on Submit, you get a pop up to fill in the saved version description. You can fill this in as "Publishing the opentracker tag" and Click on "save".

2) Test if everything is working by logging into Opentracker (watch the video for more details).