1. Can I see what a person who typed in a specific search word did on my site?

Yes, in some cases. Login to your account, and go to Visitors: Visitors by search term.Here you will see all the recent visitors to your site that used a search term: both the search engine, and if available the search phrase typed in. Note that in a majority of cases the search term is encrypted by the search engine.

By clicking on the green or red puppets you will be taken directly to their click-stream(s).

2. Secure & Password protected – who has access to my statistics? is password protected. Only people who have the password may view your statistics. gives you the possibility to add new users to view your statistics.You may add users at any time and set varying permission levels.

3. What is bounce rate?

The bounce rate (or more optimistically click through rate) is a measurement of how far visitors click into your site.

Bounce rate: The percentage of visitors who visit your website and leave without getting any further than one page (bounce).

4. How does Opentracker distinguish between new and returning visitors?

    1. A returning visitor is a person who visits your site and comes back after a period of 24 hours has elapsed.
    2. Additionally, we measure visits, a visit is a visitor’s clickstream broken by a ten minute period, (minimum of ten minutes). So you have a cup of coffee, and return to the site, this will be a second visit. Say you go to bed, and you return to the site the next day; you will be a returning visitor.

5. Remote access – can I access my statistics from any computer?

Yes. Your statistics can be viewed 24/7 from any computer connected to the Internet using your login and password details.

6. Real-time – how often are my statistics updated?

Opentracker is real-time.

This means that you don’t have to wait to view the latest traffic flow of data. Updates occur on a continuous basis as information is received.