Multiple Sites – Resellers – Read our reseller FAQs for answers to common reseller questions. We provide resellers the resources they need to offer a complete solution to customers.

1. How do I become a reseller? 

By creating an account and using the [add site] feature to add multiple sites.

You must have an account and you have to be logged in to add new sites. You will benefit from the standard discounts and back-end management tools.The “user management” option will allow you to add users for the new licences you administer. (Download instructions).

2. I am tracking multiple sites. Where can I switch between site reports?

Unlock the Options bar. To switch between the different domains that are in your account, use the “selected site” drop-down box located in the Options bar.

If you click on the drop-down box, all of the sites for which you have permissions will appear. Select the site you wish to view. You will be taken to stats overview for that site.

3. Can I add multiple sites?

Yes, Opentracker provides tools for adding multiple sites to an account. Select “add site” from the site-selection drop-down menu. Every site added generates a javascript to you via email and received a 4 week free trial. It is easy to manage permission levels, and add individual users to separate site stats. Every account is administered by only one “owner” who can manage all permissions and payments.

4. What is a reseller and why should I be interested? 

A reseller is an administrative contact who uses Opentracker to provide added value for their clients.

Why would I want to be a reseller?

There are a number of reasons to become a reseller. The main reason is you to provide multiple accounts to your clients, colleagues, or departments without having to share login, password and permissions.

With a reseller account you can sell to third parties, and profit from the bulk discounts and generate passive income.

5. How do I keep track of multiple sites?

You can access all account and user information in your preference pages when you are logged in.’s back-end is simple and intuitive to administrate. Depending on your package, you can add and administer a number of sites to your account.

6. Where can I find the reseller discount table?

The reseller or multiple-site discount table can be found by contacting sales.