User Management is a tool that allows you to grant other users access to your Opentracker account. You can set up each person with his/her own login.

1. What is User Management?

Opentracker gives you the ability to share your statistics with other people. You can do this by creating users within your account. After you create new users, you can manage them by giving every user unique privileges in the form of access to individual site stats.

2. How many users can I add to my account? 

The amount of users you can add to your account depends on your package. Each users (with a unique email and password combination) can login and use You can also set unique permission levels on a per-user, per-site basis.

3. How many users can I create? 

This depends on the subscribed package – if you want to add a large number of users, please contact us, so that we can determine the best subscription package.

4. User Management – permission levels

There are three types of Opentracker users: Administrators, Super users and Standard users.

Administrators can create or delete users, add sites to the account and administer privileges on a per-site basis.

Super users can create or delete users for sites they have permissions for.

Standard users can only view site statistics.

5. Where can I find the User Management?

If you are logged-in as the account adminstrator, then you will see the user management link in the drop down under My Account.

6. What can I do with User Management?

As well as setting individual worker privileges, User Management allows you to give temporary or permanent access to clients, consultants, colleagues who telecommute, etc.

If you have an account with multiple sites, you can give access to specific sites to specific users.