No tracking / script is not installed


No tracking is taking place.

Most probable cause: script has either been removed, or not been installed.


Start by looking at View Source, and check to see if the Opentracker code is implemented in the page(s). If there is no script no statistics will be recorded. Either the script was never installed on the pages or has been removed. Removal can occur when older versions of a page are uploaded, or more than one person is working on a site.

The unique script is contained in the original welcome email that was sent to the email address that registered the account. It is necessary to insert that script into all the pages that you wish to track. If you no longer have your script, you can login and resend it to yourself, or ask us & we will send it to you again.

The code needs to be in every page that you wish to track using whatever publishing program that you use, for example, Dreamweaver.

We have written an extensive implementation manual which will take you step-by-step through the process in whatever process that you use.

You can find it under Downloads on our Support page, it is a pdf called User Guide (implementing the script):