Country location data incorrect?


visitors are reported as being from the wrong country


Every person is identified from the place where their ISP is located, as we determine location on the basis of IP address ownership (a database that tells us who owns ip addresses). Depending on the ISP, and its location, the location will be given with varying degrees of accuracy. This type of geo-location data is a pioneer form of technology in development. One reason for this is that there are over a billion ip addresses, and that ownership changes frequently. All changes must be updated manually somewhere, by somebody.

More accurate information exists for some countries and regions, depending on how much work has been put in to updating/developing the information. In the United States, for example, the data seems to be quite comprehensive, while for the UK, there is more work still to be done.

Here are 3 locations from which you can see where an ip address traces to;

The way we get the information is from a database that tells us who owns the ip address. If the info has not been updated, then the out-dated info will be shown until the next update is made, and/or somebody reports the change of ownership to the company who maintains the database.