Change administrator / email login id of account owner


Need to change email address / login id of account owner / administrator.

Need to change administrator.


Note that the email address is the login id.

Note that the owner is the administrator.

To change email ownership/ administrator id of an account:

  1. login as the current Administrator
  2. go to 'profile'
  3. select [change email] & enter new email address
  4. the change will take place once you log out and login again

This will effectively change ownership of the account, in terms of login.

Note: each account can have only one owner. Technically, it is not possible to have different owners for multiple urls within a single account. Opentracker was built & is administered 'per owner, per account'.

Therefore, if you would like to have more than one owner, you need to have a separate account for each owner / administrator. There can be only one administrator per account.