How to change your credit card info in WordPay

If you need to update please contact us, and we will send instructions particular to how you are registered in Worldpay.

The following is an example email you will receive, we will fill in the details for you:


I have taken a look at your account, and the payment processor is WorldPay.

You will need to update the details yourself, I am adding the steps underneath, as well as the print screens of the process for your reference.

The email registered at the payment processor is  {email worldpay}.

I have sent a password reset request in a separate email from WorldPay, you will receive two emails with the subject "Worldpay Login Details". One will contain your username, the other the password.

1. Using your new details, login to the Shopper Management System, you can login with these details here:
2. Once logged in you will need to click on the Agreement ID ( {agreementId worldpay} )
3. Then click on "Change Payment Details", 4. In the change card details screen provide the updated credit card details

Let me know if you have any questions?

Kind regards, support