What Is Measured By Default?

You can populate the Opentracker engine with first-party data by design. For example, we can collect any CRM data that your company has and wants to process. 

By default, once you have registered your site or app and deployed the javascript or SDK library, we will collect the following data for each session:

  • last event
  • duration
  • online status
  • visits/ sessions
  • title
  • area code (US)
  • city
  • company/ org
  • country code & name
  • current title of page being visited
  • current visit duration
  • dma code
  • entry page (landing page)
  • event
  • the UnixTimestamp of the event
  • an event id
  • first measurement
  • first session UnixTimestamp
  • platform & version
  • the connection type
  • the IP address
  • the internet service provider hosting the connection
  • the organisation or company leasing the connection
  • the speed to setup the connection 
  • latitude & longitude (location coordinates)
  • a user id
  • the number of events per session
  • the number of sessions
  • the operating system & version
  • the dns provider
  • the countries region & region code
  • the screen's resolution
  • if available the search term
  • the session's  end UnixTimestamp
  • a session id
  • the session's  start UnixTimestamp
  • the site visited
  • timezone
  • the total duration of all visits per user
  • the total number of sessions per user
  • the total number of events per user
  • the user agent identifying the device
  • the user's online status on the site
  • a zip or postal code

How does Opentracker handle web sessions, or regarding onPause, onResume for apps?

Opentracker has defined the length of a session to 30 minutes, meaning that after 30 minutes of no activity the session will end and the last event received will be marked as the end of session.

How can I tell Opentracker to collect only the variables that I want to collect?

By default, Opentracker collects as much data as possible. Corporate accounts can add GDPR compliant variables that expire after a certain amount of time.