What Is A Website Tracking System

Opentracker provides fast, simple & accurate systems to measures what matters for your business.

Do you need to know who's visiting your website, and what they do when they get there?

  • A tracking system will tell you who's doing what.
  • A tracking system answers these questions To the Click.
  • A website tracking system is a tool suite that provides you with a full set of statistics to help you monitor and track visitors to your website.
  • A tracking system collects statistical data about your visitor traffic and aggregates the data into meaningful reports. The goal is to help make website management decisions on a daily basis, for example content updates.

The information you can learn from a tracking system starts with basic stats, such as how many unique visitors you have had in a 24 hour period, and what countries they are coming from.

Campaign reporting

You also benefit from referrer and Pay-per-click (PPC) campaign reporting: all the search terms that were used to find your site are presented along with a list of all search engines used.

Real-time reporting

A 'live' tracking system such as Opentracker gives you the insight and excitement of seeing who is browsing on your site in real-time.

Keep your stats indefinitely

By tracking unique visitors over long periods of time, you will be able to derive important return-on-investment (ROI) information. An example is conversion information. Conversion rate tells you which visitors convert into desired actions; placing an order, signing up for a newsletter, making a purchase, or viewing a shopping cart page.

Why do your visitors leave?

Another important function of tracking is to tell you where your leaks and drop-off points are. These are places on your website where visitors leave before completing a desired action. The process of data-mining (searching the data that you have collected to obtain meaningful information) is facilitated by an easy-to-use interface.

Human events

Our focus is unique visitors and “human” events. For purposes of tracking human visitors to websites, server log analysis is being replaced by the more efficient technology of tracking systems. Opentracker is part of the trend to replace log analysis with a simpler solution. It is no longer necessary to spend tedious staff-hours generating reports from hard-to-read log file entries. We have replaced this process with an interface that takes the frustration out of generating reports. It is now possible to get the information that you need in two minutes flat.

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