Automatic Form Tracking


By making a small adjustment to the tracking code, we will automagically capture and track (contact) details or form data submitted by ANY form. If you make the form-fields match the placeholder names we use, we will populate your Visitors Profiles with this data.


Step 1.

You can auto capture form data by adding the &form to the script:
<script src="//" type="text/javascript"></script>

Step 2.

Once the code is in place and form data has been submitted, go to the visits online report and activate the columns that are relevant to you.

Step 3 (optional).

Adjust your form fileds to match our pre-defiened properties, for full integration in our reporting interface

Implementation notes

Field names are based on the  'name' of the form elements The submit button needs to be  type=submit


View an example here:

Full control

If you prefer full control over the data that is being captured and submitted, you can do the work with javascript and use maps, this is for the more advanced javascript programmer. Details can be found on  this page. Scroll down to the section: Using javascript to send a form event. Automatically send us Form details - when visitors fill in a form. This will turn Opentracker reporting into a Lead Capture machine.